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Homemade Olive Tapenade

Olive Tapenade on the Chicken and Prosciutto Club

Remember when I had the hardest time finding all the right ingredients for this Chicken and Prosciutto Club?  Well as you know now I eventually found everything except the tapenade.  Even though I’m not a fan of olives, it kept bugging me that I hadn’t tried olive tapenade and maybe, just maybe, I was missing out.

By the time I found olive tapenade at my grocery store, right where Suburban Sweetheart suggested in her comment, I’d already pushed all the ingredients to make a homemade tapenade.  This homemade olive tapenade in fact.  I’d even waiting week after week for my grocer to finally have pitted Kalamata olives in stock that I wasn’t about to take the easy of a pre-made tapenade when I finally stumbled across it.

Mixing the ingredients

And for all my effort?  It wasn’t worth it.  Well, all wasn’t lost.  My husband enjoyed it.  Food, no matter what, is rarely ever lost on him.

Prosciutto from an actual deli!
Baked prosciutto

I gagged my way through the 5 or so minutes of repulsive smells, that I find comes from working with olives, to whip up this batch.  Remade the Chicken and Prosciutto Club, with all of the right ingredients.  And wasn’t impressed.

At least now I can say, I’ve tried, and officially do not like, olive tapenade!

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