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pierogies and sausage
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Pierogies and Sausage

This post contains affiliate links. Learn more here. Inspiration for this pierogies and sausage recipe struck me when I came across fresh pierogies in the refrigerated foods section of my local supermarket. I hadn’t cooked with fresh pierogies before. Additionally, I recalled pierogies with sausage and onions that I had had from a local restaurant’s …

after hours tortellini
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After Hours Tortellini: The Recipe

This post contains affiliate links. Learn more here. Originally posted on Recipe Realism over 10 years ago, After Hours Tortellini is a flavorful pasta recipe that holds up. Our original post did not include the recipe. Rather, we linked directly to the original source. Unfortunately, that original website became compromised and accessing the recipe was …

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After-Hours Tortellini

This recipe* is amazing!  It’s restaurant quality, made right in your own home.  You’re crazy not to try it. Found on Adryon’s Kitchen**, Adryon*** was generous to share this dish* with her readers.  She lovingly tells the story of its creation.  This a story you must read yourself to fully understand and appreciate the origin …