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The Recipe Realism Approach

Our About page has new updates that share more about my process and methodology. Here are some highlights.

I make homemade meals for two. Five times a week. On average. To accomplish this, I utilize:

  • Recipes – new and existing, two times per week
  • Meal kits – two times per week
  • Leftovers – two times per week

To stay organized, some meal planning tools I use are:

  • Monthly calendar
  • Weekly meal planner
  • Non-traditional recipe organization system

For inspiration, I have a collection of:

  • Cookbooks
  • Recipe cards
  • Recipe books
  • Recipe binders

My books and binders are filled with notes. This blog acts as a living copy of those notes. I can edit again and again. It’s my online recipe collection!

Ultimately, this blog reflects my:

  • approach to recipes
  • experiences with cooking
  • musings from the kitchen
  • reviews of products and gadgets I use and love
  • elements I desire from recipe websites but do not often see

The Recipe Realism Approach

  • Recipes First 
  • Streamline Preparation 
  • Simplify Ingredients 
  • Tried and True

What you will find on this blog:

  • Easy-to-find & budget-friendly ingredients 
  • Recipes for every skill level
  • Dishes for a variety of palates and dietary needs
  • Cooking for two 
  • Real photos

What you won’t find here:

  • Another recipe site cluttered with ads 
  • Endless scrolling
  • Alternatives that sacrifice taste, texture, technique, or recipe integrity

These are my intentions. Recipe blogging is an ever-evolving process. Follow our journey right here on Recipe Realism.

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