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Recipe Realism is Back!

After a 10 year hiatus, Recipe Realism is back! We’ve got the same great format – recipes first, tips & tricks second and stories & banter later. While we’ve learned a lot in the interim, we’re continuing to take the same realistic approach to recipes, ingredients, cooking & baking for the average home cook.

Pardon our dust, so to say, while we make updates to the website. We’re working on improving the look and functionality of the site to provide the best experience for you, our visitors. These updates will include retooling of recipe presentation, features and format. Along with ways to easily find relevant and related content throughout the site and links to product recommendations.

While we’ve been away we have learned quite a lot that we can’t wait to share more about. Throughout the pandemic, many cooking & baking shows were binged and meal kits enjoyed. Since we last posted:

We have converted to coarse, kosher salt.

For cooking, not baking! More on that in a future post.

Mise en place has moved up on the list of priorities, when starting any recipe.

Usually eager to get right to the cooking, we’re learning the value in planning and prepping beforehand.

Ingredient selection has become more intentional.

Incorporating more locally grown ingredients and reducing processed foods is a newer focus.

Weighing ingredients has become preferred to measuring cups & spoons whenever possible.

So much so that we will be working on converting recipes to provide both options.

We’ve acquired new kitchen gadgets.

The difference a meat thermometer can make is incredible.

We look forward to sharing all of this and more in posts to come. Now that Recipe Realism is back, we can’t wait to share what all we’ve learned while we’ve been away. With many new tips & tricks to incorporate into our recipes, we’re excited to update old recipes and share new ones. Stay tuned!

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