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Our Approach to Gluten-Free

Disclaimer: I do not have gluten-free dietary restrictions. Neither does anyone I regularly cook for. However, we do have dear friends and family with gluten-free dietary needs.

Below is more information about what you can expect from our recipes tagged as gluten-free or gluten-free option.


According to the Mayo Clinic, “a gluten-free diet is an eating plan that excludes foods containing gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and triticale (a cross between wheat and rye).”

When it comes to our collection of recipes, if all the ingredients and instructions on the recipe card are gluten-free, then the recipe has a gluten-free tag.

Any suggestions outside the recipe card, such as the Ingredient Recommendations, Ingredient Alternatives, or Pairings sections in the recipe blog post, may contain gluten.

Especially since I do not currently have gluten-based restrictions, the gluten-free recipes are slightly geared more towards those who regularly manage a gluten-free diet. Please always confirm that what you are cooking, and cooking with, is gluten-free. A truly gluten-free meal relies on the gluten-free product knowledge of the cook. As well as food handling and preparation awareness.

In time, I plan to experiment with more ingredients and test more recipes to offer gluten-free versions of a recipe that would otherwise have the gluten-free option tag.

Gluten-free Option

The gluten-free option tag means that the recipe card is not gluten-free. Instead, the Ingredient Alternatives section of the recipe blog post includes a recommendation to make the recipe gluten-free. 

Recipe Integrity

We do not sacrifice recipe integrity. Therefore, recipes that do not taste the same or better with gluten-free ingredient alternatives will not have either tag. For example, because all of my pasta recipes incorporate the mantecare technique, we don’t tag them as having a gluten-free option.

Of course, many recipes in our collection that have the gluten-free tag are originally gluten-free. In other words, they are not a gluten-free version of a gluten-based recipe. Therefore, there is no concern for compromising recipe integrity. 

Ultimately, I want gluten-free recipes shared here to resemble the recipe’s intended taste and texture. It is my hope that members of the gluten-free community can trust that my recipes tagged as gluten-free, or gluten-free option, will be just as good as or better than any gluten-based versions.

In any case, we are always learning and doing our best. We welcome and appreciate any feedback to continue to improve our gluten-free knowledge and efforts.

Where to Find Our Gluten-free Recipes

Our gluten-free recipes can quickly be found a couple ways. One way is to click the Resources drop down in the main menu at the top of our site. The other way is under the Tags section by scrolling down the menu along the right side. Or, of course, just click the buttons below.

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