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My New Favorite Small Non-Stick Frying Pan

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We bought a new small non-stick 8” frying pan and now it’s my favorite skillet. Every few years we buy a new one. Our non-stick skillet requirements began years ago when my husband started making eggs over medium on the weekends for breakfast. To make an over-medium egg on the stove, all he requires is an egg, a small non-stick skillet and some cooking spray. He can flip the egg right in the pan. Having the right tools really can make a difference. Oh, and I’d say some great eye-hand coordination helps, too.

Eventually, the pans age and wear. One time a handle came loose and couldn’t be tightened. Most recently, the slick finish seemed to have been cooked off after so much use. So every few years, we shop for a new one. The size and material were the only requirements – small and non-stick. The frying pan was only used on weekends, until COVID.

When the COVID lockdown got underway, the frying pan usage went up from not just weekend breakfasts but now included weekday lunch quesadillas. And that frequency has continued. So when our last pan seemed to just burn – whether there was anything on it or not and regardless of the amount of heat – and everything stuck to it – even with cooking spray – we knew it was time to replace it.

This time around I re-evaluated our buying criteria, chose the Cuisinart 8” non-stick skillet, and am very happy with it. It seems a little weird to be this excited about a skillet but here I am. Here are the 4 things I considered this time around:


Our main pan set is stainless steel. However, for this pan, non-stick has been non-negotiable. I considered the trending ceramic finish briefly. But I haven’t cooked with this finish, so I stuck to the traditional non-stick surface.


As in past searches, the size was non-negotiable. It needed to be just big enough for small batches of eggs or 6-8” tortillas. This 8” skillet is a great match!


In the past, I’ve found a pan for $10-$15. Being an extra, occasionally used pan, that seemed like a reasonable budget. However, now that it’s being used more frequently than ever I reconsidered. When I saw this pan for double that amount, logic said spending a little more on a known brand should be the most economical. It should last longer. Hopefully longer than the last two pans combined. So I went for it.


This pan has excellent heat conductivity. It’s easy to manage the cooking temperature. My first time cooking with it was a great success. I made an egg in a nest. The butter evenly melted and I ended up with a perfect over-medium egg with toasty, crisp bread. Again, when you have the right tools, good things can happen! Full disclosure, compared to my husband’s skills, an egg in a nest is the only way I know how to cook (and flip, with a spatula) an over-medium egg somewhat consistently.


So far I’ve been happy with this purchase. It’s my new favorite small non-stick frying pan. Not only is it non-stick, it’s also the right size, a good price and is great to cook with! And I just realized its design matches our 10-year-old set of stainless steel pots and pans which are also Cuisinart. This was a total coincidence! Or my subconscious at work. The set has held up so hopefully this pan will, too. Or at least it’s handle will!

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