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Hodge Podge Grilled Cheese

Hodge Podge Grilled Cheese

Ah, don’t ya love when you have those weeks where you just can’t get yourself to the grocery store and it becomes a game to put together meals utilizing what’s left in your bare cupboards?  Don’t know what I’m talking about?  I don’t believe you.

I think it’s mandatory to happen every once in a while.  You get to use up goods you didn’t realize you had.  And people are always saying how cooking can be an art form.  Well this really gets you thinking creatively!

I recently had one of those weeks.  It came to meal time and I didn’t have anything planned and was clueless as to what was even in the house.  So my husband and I had a little grilled cheese off.  Usually my grilled cheese consists of the basics – butter, bread and American cheese.  Sometimes I’ll add a bit of mayo.  But this time I went a step further and added bacon!  Never have I done this, really pushed my limits there, I know.  But it was a lot of fun and it felt good to make use of some things I rarely touch on a regular basis.

I think my husband had a similar concoction but with weird cheeses and walnuts thrown in.  What hodge podge meals have you come up with when you’re not able to keep up with your meal planning/grocery shopping and the pickin’s get slim?


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