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Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry

Yet another great find from Jenn at Once Upon a Chef.  Looking for a change of flavor pace?  This chicken curry is the ticket!

Instead of chicken breasts, my go-to is now chicken cutlets.  They’re much easier to work with, cook quicker and more evenly and are the perfect size to make servings out of.  A single chicken breast can sometimes be to much.  Not really a big deal which you use here though since it all gets chopped up anyway.

I did have a bit of a time finding the Greek lowfat yogurt.  The more and more I expand my cooking and ingredients, the less and less my long-time preferred grocer can accommodate me.  I always have to trek across town to the other big grocer and they always have what I’m looking for and usually a few options at that!  I keep threatening to switch but have yet to make the move.  Of course in this instance I hunted and hunted at my regular store for this yogurt, went to the other and found it no problem.  Then the other day I’m back at my usual store just walking by the yogurt section and there it sits.  Ugh!

Lowfat Greek Yogurt

Oh well, no matter the type of chicken cuts or where you get your yogurt, this dish is worth a try.  It’s mild with a nice flavoring.  Check it out!

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