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Cinco de Mayo 2012

Cinco de what?!  It’s almost December!

Yes I know.  I’m way behind on posts.  But am I?

You know how I love themed meals, especially where they don’t belong.  So instead see this as a fun way to spice up  a cold winter night in!

Last year I was kind of on top of Cinco de Mayo but it ended up being a bit on the fly.  But this year I was on it!  Complete with chips and salsa as appetizers while I whipped up the rest of the meal.  And of course, it’s not Cinco de Mayo without margaritas!  I even went out an bought our first set of margarita glasses.

Chips and Salsa
Margarita Fixin’s

Last year I went with enchiladas.  This year, a new homemade tacos recipe.  Last year, I treated the corn cake side as the dessert.  This year, it was still a side but I went all out with a new fried ice cream treat!

Here’s to a winter Cinco de Mayo night in.  In fact, I’m doing something similar for dinner tonight!

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