Side Dish

Green Beans with Olive Oil

Roasted Turkey Breast with Thyme with Twice Baked Cheddar Potatoes and Green Beans with Olive Oil

Hands-on time:  5 minutes
Total time:  15 minutes 

  • 1 lb green beans
  • 1 Tbsp olive oil

Bring a pot of salted water to a boil, add the green beans, and cook until tender 5-7 minutes.  Drain and toss with the remaining tablespoon of oil and serve.

And now the final of the recipes from Real Simple’s original three-recipe quick and easy meal.  It ranks somewhere under the Twice Baked Cheddar Potatoes, but somewhere above Roasted Turkey Breast with Thyme.

Fresh, rinsed green beans

This was the first time I’ve worked with fresh green beans.  I’ve been really trying to incorporate more fresh, veggie sides into my meals.  The picture in the magazine looked so good.  In the end, they were only so-so in my opinion.  But that’s probably because I love loads and loads of toppings and flavoring on my veggies which totally takes away from the nutritional value.

I am excited though as I have three new side veggie recipes I’m trying out this week.  So we’ll see how those fare.  I’m on the hunt.  On a mission to have healthier, complete meals with healthy, fresh veggie sides so if you know of any good ones, send ’em my way.

I am actually on the hunt to recreate a green bean dish I dug into years ago.  They weren’t fresh green beans though and I think they had bacon mixed in.  But this was at a time when I would avoid vegetables like the plague and I couldn’t enough of these so bacon or not, I’m excited to find a green bean recipe that tops or comes close!  This dish unfortunately did not.

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  1. I never use to use cneand beans or cneand anything for that matter, but now, I’m expecting my 4th child, and with 3 little ones to take care of and a vegetarian husband, I am very busy. So, yesterday, when I went shopping, I stocked up on cneand beans. I bought a can of butter beans and when I got home, I thought, what the heck am I going to do with these? I found this recipe and was impressed how easy and yummy it looks. So I did it, and WOW! My family went nuts for it. THANKS

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