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Vanilla Chai-Infused French Toast

Vanilla Chai-Infused French Toast

Do you like French Toast?  Looking for a new way to make it?  Maybe a more grown-up taste?  Look no further than Hungry Sam’s Vanilla Chai-Infused French Toast.

I “met” Hungry Sam a few months back from an introduction by Suburban Sweetheart. Hungry Sam shares great stories, reviews and tidbits on anything and everything having to do with food. And he even makes his own concoctions like this one. This is the first Hungry Sam recipe I have tried, and just like he promises it did not disappoint.

As I’ve stated before, we, especially my husband, are fans of  French Toast.  But everyone gets bored of the same old, same old every now and again.  When Sam posted this recipe I didn’t hesitate to add it to my list to try.  And try it we did.  This recipe is a grown-up French Toast, if you will.  A suttle difference with the vanilla and chai but definitely a more sophisticated version of this breakfast favorite.

Now head on over to Hungry Sam’s Vanilla Chai French Toast page for the recipe and tips.  Note:  Do not be intimidated by Sam stressing the use of top of the line ingredients.  I’m sure they lend to incredible flavor but, Sam if you’re reading this you may want to look away, I just used what I had on hand including imitation vanilla and generic syrup.  And it still turned out great for us!

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