Cookie Dough Dip

I love cream cheese dessert dips.  There used to be a store nearby that sold some really good ones, but they quit carrying them and eventually closed.  Direct correlation I am sure.

So with my local stock gone, I’m always on the hunt for these delicious dips.  I became acquainted with Tastefully Simple a few years ago.  I enjoy using their products and they can be counted to have some great cream cheese dessert dips.  And even though I have a ‘supplier’ per say, it does stink to run out and have to re-order.

Then my friend, the same friend who so graciously shared this deliciousness with me, made this Cookie Dough Dip for a girls day.  A homemade cream cheese dessert dip that I can make any time I want??  And just like with her previous recipe, I fell in love immediately and had to have it.  To which she replied with this link.

Cookie Dough Dip

Now you may be thinking, okay big deal, I send links to recipes to my friends all the time.  But as a new recipe blogger myself, this link not only sent me to a recipe but introduced me to a fellow recipe blogger!  Ms. Robyn over at Add a Pinch.  As most bloggers know or come to learn, it’s important to network with other bloggers especially others who share the same interests. I was so excited.  Especially with this fabulous dip being my introduction to Robyn, I can only wonder what more she has in store to share!

Robyn offers a variety of ways to make it – different types of chocolate chip suggestions with milk chocolate and the addition of toffee bits being her favorite.  When I first got the recipe I was very eager to make it.  I had all of the ingredients on hand, but for the chocolate, I had semi-sweet chips, not milk chocolate.  And I doubted that my friend had used the toffee bits because I’m not typically a fan of toffee bits and I loved the version she made for girls day – so how could it have had the toffee in it, right?  So I whipped up a batch with semi-sweet and sans toffee.  Hmm . . . just not quite the same.  Turns out my friend had made Robyn’s preferred version – milk chocolate chips, toffee and all.  So I made it again the ‘correct’ way and got it right! In summary, Robyn knows her stuff!

Now you’ll notice that I have not posted the actual recipe for this dip.  But no worries, here is where you can find it.  I will note that I do also serve animal crackers with this dip, but graham crackers are my favorite.


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