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Valentine’s Day Suggestions

If you’re like me and aren’t into the whole Valentine’s dinner out, you may be wondering what to do instead.

Well, if you like sweets, you should definitely make up these Black & White cookies.  They are so good.   And you can share them at work, with family, friends and yep, even your valentine!

Need ideas for a nice dinner in to celebrate?  Try a themed night in!  If you remember, last year I did a luau themed dinner for Valentine’s Day.  My husband and I honeymooned in Hawaii so it was a little nod to that to give it a tinge of romance without being all ushy-gushy. So maybe you and your significant other have a similar favorite vacation spot you could commemorate?  Or just a theme you like a a lot – Mexican night, or maybe you both really really like Thanksgiving.  Why not make Valentine’s Day a second Thanksgiving!  Or perhaps you have a favorite TV show you like to cuddle up and watch?

Get creative and have fun with it!  Bonus points for creativity and cut down on work – like having a crockpot meal like I did for the luau!  The Thanksgiving theme would probably be a bit much – maybe when Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend, eh?

We’ll be doing the luau theme again this year.  And with a couple new dishes I’ll have to report back on.  And I’m also whipping up a batch of the Black & White cookies and these from Ashley at Hem and Her to share with co-workers and friends!

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