quick and easy ravioli with meat sauce recipe
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Ravioli with Meat Sauce

This post contains affiliate links. Learn more here. I have been making this quick and easy Ravioli and Meat Sauce recipe for a long, long time. It was one of the first dishes I learned to make growing up. Over the years, so many components have stayed the same and a few have changed.  Components …

salmon with basil herb couscous
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Salmon with Basil & Herb Couscous

This post contains affiliate links. Learn more here. Here is a simple and delicious salmon and couscous recipe for any home cook. Fish and seafood recipes are currently scarce here at Recipe Realism. This stems from preference and an aversion to overly fishy tastes and smells. For those with similar preferences and aversions, this recipe …

homemade chicken shawarma
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Homemade Chicken Shawarma

After moving away from our favorite, authentic chicken shawarma shop, we have yet to find a new local replacement. So I decided to try making it myself. This homemade chicken shawarma recipe is the result! Chicken Shawarma is a flavorful Middle Eastern dish. The marinated chicken is stacked in an inverted cone and roasted on …